About Me

Jeff Mao

Hi, my name is Jeff! I am an Entrepreneur, full-stack software developer, and college student based in the Metro Atlanta Area. I enjoy coding, building applications, and longboarding. I specialize in E-Commerce Solutions, Web Automation, Web Scraping, DevOps, and much more!

My Career

Philosophy Robotics

Founder of Philosophy Robotics. Specializing in retail E-Commerce tools, artificial intelligence, web automation, and bot detection software.

Jan. 2017 - Present


Created and maintained an autofill extension to help customers purchase popular clothing and accessories faster and more affordably. Developed a link opener to streamline the purchasing process for users. Updated and managed authentication software for Notify's Servers internationally.

Dec. 2019 - Present
Full Stack Developer

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Establishing a Toxicity Detection Model using the HPCC General Neural Network bundle (GNN) and implemented through GitOps.

Jun. 2021 - Present
Software Engineering Intern


Implemented HPCC Clusters onto the Google Cloud Platform. Evaluated Multi-Cloud environments and integrated HPCC Clusters on Google Anthos. Primarily DevOps oriented role. Analyzed cost benefits and performance of the Google Cloud Platform. Awarded for significant contribution to High Performance Computing Clusters at LexisNexis.

Jun. 2020 - Aug. 2020
Software Engineering Intern

Reef Labs LLC

Worked on KiloAIO, an all-in-one fashion/sneaker bot. Created an Akamai data collector script and worked with developing solutions for PerimeterX and Shopify Bot Protection.

Apr. 2020 - Jul. 2020
Full Stack Developer

My Skills

My Projects

Philo App

Multi-Channel listing application for online merchants looking to list products on the major online marketplaces.


Automated bot that buys limited items such as sneakers and clothes at lightening speed featuring keyword, link, and product code support.

HPCC Systems

Deployed HPCC Systems on the Google Cloud Platform Helm, Docker, and Kubernetes. Implemented HPCC Clusters onto Multi-Cloud Environment with Google Anthos. CI/CD Deployment

Chess AI Tool

Chess Engine created for Tool Assisted gameplay on Chess.com. Utilizes advanced alpha-beta search provided by the advanced chess AI Stockfish 11. This chess tool is currently rated at 3438 ELO.

Amazon Metadata1 Generator (API)

Amazon Metadata1 generator that replicates an encrypted string based on browser-fingerprinting methods that allows for request-based login & account creation on Amazon.

Akamai Sensor Generator

Akamai Antibot sensor data generator that spoofs human data to bypass Akamai Bot Protection. (Version 1.52)

Other Projects

Other projects I have worked on...